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Why are so few women attracted to a career in engineering?

Posted by | 3rd July 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

As an industry, UK engineering needs to double its recruits to meet projected demand.

Unfortunately, if positive action isn’t taken almost all of these opportunities will be taken up by male candidates.

Currently only six per cent of the UK engineering workforce is female, a disappointingly low proportion compared to other professions where women have all but closed the gender gap.

Although not personally an engineer, I’ve been involved in the construction industry for 14 years and I’ve worked alongside female engineers and project managers in the civil engineering, rail and utilities sectors.

I held the mistaken perception that even in these traditionally male sectors progress was being made but recent statistics suggest otherwise.

I know engineering employers within construction aren’t reluctant to take on women and I know the women engineers I’ve met have been skilled professionals, respected and accepted by their colleagues, fulfilled in their daily jobs and satisfied with the career paths they chose so why are their numbers not growing?

Looking for some answers I logged onto the Women’s Engineering Society (WES) site and found yet more depressing statistics; in 2011, 46 per cent of all co-ed secondary state schools sent no girls on to do A level physics; also in 2011, men were awarded 85 per cent of engineering and technology degrees; and in 2012 79 per cent of those who took A level physics were male.

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