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Surface Preparation: A Flexible Career Path

Posted by | 25th August 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

Have you ever considered surface preparation as a career? Probably not, but you should. It’s one of the most diverse careers out there as surface preparation and finishing is used in almost every industry that uses metal. That includes aerospace, automotive, construction, foundry, shipbuilding, rail and many more.

First steps…

Surface preparation generally involves shot blasting which is the process of firing abrasive media at an object to either clean or strengthen the surface and/or make it suitable for painting.

Becoming a shot blaster is a simple route into the industry and many construction companies offer on the job training for candidates who are willing and quick to learn. You will generally work alongside a more experienced shot blaster who will oversee you development.

If you are finding it difficult to find a placement like this then it’s also possible to get trained ahead of time. Many shot blasting companies will offer training courses that give you an overview of how the machinery works and how to operate it safely.

Advancing your career…

Once you’ve got your start in the industry you can choose to specialise in a certain sector and search for applicable jobs. For example, if you want to work in the automotive industry you could start looking around the major car manufacturers for opportunities. You may also choose to specialise in a certain type of surface preparation for example shot peening or ultra-high pressure water blasting.

Going it alone…

If you’d rather work for yourself then you may choose to become a shot blasting contractor. This means you’ll be required to work on many different applications as required by your customers. Contractors tend to use portable blasting equipment rather than working in blast rooms. Equipment manufacturers can offer some great, cost-effective solutions to help you get started. For example, Airblast Eurospray offer portable blast pots and personal protection equipment, as well as any extras you may need, which can be delivered directly to your site. Airblast also provide training and ongoing support to make sure you know how everything works so your surface finishing business can hit the ground running.

A side-step into design…

If physical shot blasting isn’t your thing, you might consider taking a look at the design side of the industry. The design of surface preparation facilities is a multi-million pound industry and there are plenty of opportunities for technically minded individuals to use their design talents to create innovative equipment and facilities.

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