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Supply Chain Management

Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Logistics News

The Logistics sector underpins every other sector within the Scottish economy; without Logistics it would be impossible for manufacturing companies to gain raw materials or export their products. Logistics activities include the planning, routing and movement of freight across all transport modes (road, rail, sea and air) as well as associated activities such as warehousing and storage.

Supply chain management is one of the areas covered by Skills for Logistics. A typical supply chain covers the whole production cycle; from extraction of raw materials to final distribution and waste disposal, with the various production stages and locations linked by transportation chains and distribution facilities.

Skills for Logistic recently revised the apprenticeships in Supply Chain Management, these replace the previous versions and are available from 01 February 2015.

Framework details

Please note that the Supply Chain Management pathways have been dropped from the Freight Logistics framework.

Typical occupations available on successful completion of the MA will be shop floor team leaders, stores team leaders, planning engineers, distribution staff, procurement staff, import/export staff and transport and distribution staff.

More information about the industry can be found on the Skills for Logistics website.

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