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SQA Journeys

Posted by | 27th May 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

Scotland’s future lies in the hands of our young people — the workforce of tomorrow. SQA has created ‘Journeys’ to help develop Scotland’s young workforce and to highlight the skills needed to progress and succeed in the workplace.

SQA Journeys provides information about specific sectors by including an overview of the sector, quotes from recognised industry bodies and employers, and details of SQA qualifications available.

SQA qualifications are designed and structured to support people on their individual learning journeys, and to provide opportunities for everyone to realise their full and true potential. Every qualification links with other qualifications, so you can smoothly move up to the next stage on your careers ladder, or change direction at any time to follow another route.

SQA Journeys helps young people gain the skills they need, and the skills Scotland’s economy needs to find success in an increasingly competitive world. Individuals can develop their futures and achieve their ambitions by embarking on their own learning journey, while helping Scotland as a whole grow and thrive for generations to come.

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