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RBS Top Tips for Applying Online

Posted by | 16th September 2015 | Across Scotland, Employers, Financial Services, Information, Uncategorized

Applying Online

There is a short online application form to complete initially which is designed to capture your motivation for applying to one of our programmes. You will be asked to fill in some key contact and educational information too.

  • Tailor your application to RBS and show us you’ve thought about why you’re interested in the bank and why the business area you’ve applied to is right for you. Find out as much as possible about our culture, values and People Standards. A good test is if you were to cover up the name of the bank on the site, could you guess it was RBS you were talking about?
  • Use this website and, if you can, come to careers events and talk to people from the area you’re interested in. Have you checked out our Facebook pages, Twitter feed or LinkedIn employer profiles?
  • Use the research preparation stage to find details of the programme – what it involves, the sorts of projects you might get involved with, level of responsibility, development opportunities, teams your will be working with etc.
  • Compare the selection criteria with your own academic record. To increase your chances of being successful, make sure you match most the requirements of the programme.
  • When you’re completing the form, be sure to include the correct dates – and don’t leave any gaps.
  • Try and print or save a copy – it will be useful to remind yourself of what you have written as you progress through the process.


Situational judgement test
After you’ve submitted the first section of your application form, you’ll be directed to complete a test presenting you with real work situations. There are no right or wrong answers; we want to see if you share our values. The test has 15 different scenarios and should take around 30 minutes to complete.

Top Tips

  • Don’t spend too much time thinking about the ‘right’ answer. If you don’t answer honestly, you could find yourself working in an environment that doesn’t suit you.
  • Try to find a quiet place where you can complete the test in one go, with no interruptions.


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