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Modern Apprenticeships positively impact Scottish businesses

Posted by | 2nd November 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

A survey commissioned by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) has found that businesses are fully behind Modern Apprenticeships as they help improve productivity and better equip individuals to do their jobs.

Overwhelmingly positive response Over 2,500 modern apprenticeship employers were questioned about their opinion towards the scheme. This report follows a similar survey which questioned 2,500 employers in 2012.

The responses were overwhelmingly positive, with 89 per cent of business owners planning to keep offering Modern Apprenticeships.

Nearly 90 per cent of respondents also believed that Modern Apprentices are important to their business, with a further 89 per cent saying they would recommend Modern Apprenticeships to their industry.

The survey also found that:

– Three-quarters of employers also reported improved productivity due to Modern Apprentices.
– 72 per cent reported improved staff morale.
– 71 per cent reported improved product or service quality as a result of offering Modern Apprenticeships.
– Modern Apprenticeships better equip individuals to do their jobs with 96 per cent of employers stating that apprentices gain more skills and learn their trade quicker.
– 84 per cent of employers stated that they were satisfied with the relevance and quality of training.

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