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Why I chose a QA Apprenticeship!

Posted by | 15th September 2015 | IT, Jobs, Microsoft, QA, Uncategorized

This time last year, Joanne Reid had completed her end of school examinations and was working full-time as a waitress.

Despite receiving two offers to study Marketing at university, the 17 year old decided to go down a different path to most of her peers. Preferring not to go to university, Joanne decided to start building her career and applied to become a Marketing Assistant at nSYS Services, the automated procurement and invoicing specialists in Aberdeen. She explains why she felt this was the right path for her:

“I figured out that I wasn’t too keen on the idea of University, so I thought that beginning to build my career at 17 was the best choice. I applied to become a Marketing Assistant at nSYS Services which was a 1 year apprenticeship back in July last year.”

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