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IT apprentice to IT manager in 2 years

Posted by | 22nd July 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

As I write this it’s a great time of reflection for all that’s happened in the last two years. It’s incredible to think that two years ago around this time I was facing a very daunting decision as to whether I should continue studying in college or become a college dropout and do an IT apprenticeship!

I can happily say thank God I made the right choice to do an apprenticeship as my college peers are only going onto their second year of university, and I’m the IT Manager only two years into my career working at eCourier one of the most prestigious courier companies in London! It’s incredible how such a seemingly small decision to do an apprenticeship has cascaded into all that’s happened so far.

“Just as viable as a degree, if not more”

The experiences I’ve been granted from doing an apprenticeship have taken me around the world and I’ve even become an Apprentice Ambassador with Microsoft after coming runner up at the Microsoft Apprentice of the year awards in 2013. Since then I’ve been evangelising the message that apprenticeships really do work and are just as viable as a degree, if not more! I’ve had the privilege of travelling to places like Brussels and Redmond in Washington as a guest speaker and UK representative.

“More than just a course or job”

I can say with fervent resolve that apprenticeships DO WORK! At the age of 18 I decided to do an IT apprenticeship with QA and within the short space of two years I have seen returns. IT apprenticeships are more than just a course or job, they’re a career kick-start with limitless opportunity and potential!

A young person should be just as excited to do a top apprenticeship as being accepted by Oxford or Cambridge university.

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