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I found my Apprenticeship on Apprenticeships in Scotland

Posted by | 21st December 2015 | Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

I was looking for work and helping my mum with her dog walking business whilst picking up the odd shift behind the bar of the local bowling club.

I googled “funding for apprenticeships” as I had been told to look for my own funding whilst the company were also looking for options. Apprenticeships in Scotland came up and I read through their FAQ section then decided to send them an email.

I think that their Youth Opportunity Advisers handled my case incredibly well and went over and above the line of duty in making sure that the explored each and every possibility.

The biggest help was giving me so many different people and organisations to get in contact with and talking to the team gave me the confidence to get in touch with them all. I previously had a small phobia of talking to people on the phone especially when it was asking questions and discussing things I have no clue about but, since dealing with Apprenticeships in Scotland I no longer have that fear and am now very confident on the phone. This has helped all aspects of my life as I didn’t like calling people I didn’t know even for the smallest thing.

I got there in the end and secured my apprenticeship but I honestly don’t think I would have managed it without the help of Apprenticeships in Scotland, they gave me the motivation to get of my chair and do something about my situation rather than just wait about and expect other people to do things or be given everything on a plate. Afterwards I felt a great amount of self-worth and self-belief that I had been searching for a long time for.

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