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How to make a good first impression

Posted by | 2nd December 2015 | Across Scotland, Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, Career Advice, Modern Apprentice, Uncategorized

An interviewer will form an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you, so make every moment count!

Tips you might already know:
– Wear smart clothes
– Have clean, neat hair
– Turn up on time
– Make eye contact
– Give a confident handshake
– Sit/stand up straight
– Smile
– Be respectful at all times

Tips that are less obvious:

– Be friendly and show that you are keen to be there
– Listen to what the interviewer is saying to you
– Make sure you understand their questions and give full answers (not just yes or no)
– Ask them questions; finding common ground is a great way to show you will fit into the organisation
– Don’t use personal audio equipment
– Don’t take food and drink in with you
– Don’t chew gum
– Don’t use your mobile phone, make sure it is on silent
– No revealing clothes or short skirts
– No hoods
– No odd socks
– No trainers
– Don’t look bored/yawn
– Read the company magazine while waiting

During an interview, you have to help the employer to feel that you fit into their organisation. You can do this by building rapport with them. Rapport is a feeling of connection between two people, and you have three important tools to help you achieve this:

– Your words – only 7% is based on what you say
– The tone and speed of your voice – 38% is based on your voice
– Your body language – 55% is based on your body language

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