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How I started earning over £50k after my QA Apprenticeship

Posted by | 15th September 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

Whilst studying my A levels I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do as a career. During this time I use to build computers and play with technology, but I always saw that as a hobby instead of a career path. A part of me always wanted to become some sort of IT developer/engineer but I was never keen on the idea of going to university.

Then I came across the QA apprenticeship programme that offered IT qualifications as well as a work placement. I saw this as an opportunity to get myself into the world of technology and develop my IT skills on a professional basis.

“It really opens your eyes to the working world”

During my time as a QA Apprentice I really learnt a lot. It really opens your eyes to the working world. The practical skills were very useful, but they actually also helped with the soft skills as well. They helped me on how to approach interviews and how to deal with “working-world” issues on a professional level.

With the qualifications I picked up, QA managed to provide me with a work placement at a worldwide travel company as an apprentice with the chance to become a ‘Junior Linux Administrator’.

This was a fantastic opportunity for me which was only made possible via the apprenticeship scheme. I spent time studying at work and eventually was given a permanent role, one year after
that I was promoted and was no longer considered a junior.

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