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Enterprise Apprentice Carly Stewart’s Story

Posted by | 26th May 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

I stumbled across the application process to be the TOK apprentice. I had just withdrawn my place at University after deciding it wasn’t for me, and was wondering what my next step was when I found the Opportunities Fife website. The website had loads of apprenticeships on offer with different companies throughout Fife. The Tree of Knowledge advertisement stuck out to me as I remembered doing workshops with them at school. The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I was as I began to imagine what an interesting company TOK would be to work for. I remembered taking part in a relaxation session in which we were encouraged to ‘fall asleep’, and also hearing some very funny stories from a guy with rather cool hair. Who wouldn’t want to work for that company?! Next thing I knew I was invited for an interview and preparing my 5 minute presentation (that every TOK interviewee has to present). Safe to say I was a little bit nervous going in to do a presentation in front of people that stand up and speak for a living… but I somehow got through it and soon enough I was starting my new role!

On my first day I had no idea what to expect but I went in ready to learn and embrace whatever was thrown at me, and that is what I’ve done every day since! As my knowledge and experience grew, so did the responsibility I was given. I took this added responsibility as a massive positive – I was clearly impressing and doing a good job! Every day at work involves something different but it amazes me when I think back to how much I have grown throughout my role. When I first started I dreaded the thought of picking up the phone and speaking to clients or taking important enquiries, but now I’m the first point of contact for anyone who phones the company. I spend each day at my apprenticeship learning new things, working with the best people and being part of a company that does something amazing. I am proud to be the apprentice for a company that has speakers and workshops that have a huge impact on individual’s lives, and I can definitely say Tree of Knowledge has changed my life!

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