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Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce – SQA explains

Posted by | 30th November 2015 | Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

DYW is a Scottish Government strategy that aims to create a world class vocational education system in Scotland over the next seven years.

It will improve the options on offer for young people and reduce youth unemployment to the levels of the best performing countries in Europe.

Who’s involved

SQA is one of the main strategic partners in this initiative, working closely with Scottish Government, Education Scotland, Skills Development Scotland (SDS) and the Scottish Funding Council (SFC).

SQA has an important role to play in Developing Scotland’s Young Workforce. We already work closely with training providers, employers, colleges and schools, as well as local authorities and SDS to ensure young people have the skills and qualifications employers are looking for.

SQA understand the needs of learners and of employers, and how we can help one group to help the other, creating a more motivated and more productive workforce.

Helping inspire a generation

SQA Journeys aims to inspire the next generation, enabling individuals to succeed in their lives and achieve their goals.

Everyone has a part to play, so that everyone benefits – our young people, our businesses and Scotland as a whole.

Contact SQA and find out where SQA Journeys can take you.


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