Since we first started Scottish Apprenticeship Week in 2010 – it has really taken off with national skills agency ‘Skills Development Scotland’ taking it over and providing national leadership. There are a whole series of events in each local authority area. You can find out what Scottish Apprenticeship Week events are on in your area using the links below. But make sure you don’t miss out on what’s on elsewhere. Many of the best Apprenticeships in Scotland from some of the UK’s leading employers are not part of the Scottish Government’s Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. You’ll always find the best of the rest on Apprenticeships in Scotland. Sign up to Apprenticeships in Scotland.

What’s on where?

Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Aberdeen
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Aberdeenshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Angus
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Argyll and Bute
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Clackmannanshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Dumfries and Galloway
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Dundee
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Dunbartonshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Lothian
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Renfrewshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Edinburgh
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Falkirk
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Fife
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Glasgow
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Highland
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Inverclyde
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Midlothian
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Moray
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in North Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in North Lanarkshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Orkney
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Outer Hebrides

Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Perth & Kinross
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Renfrewshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Scottish Borders
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Shetland
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in South Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in South Lanarkshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Stirling
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in West Dunbartonshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in West Lothian

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Claire talks about her Apprenticeship with Atos

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For the full story about the Atos apprentice journey, you need to hear from people who’ve actually been on it.


Name: Claire
Atos start date: 2013
Scheme: Advanced Level – Business Administration & Customer Care

My job summed up:
Within the Rail Operations sector of Atos, I’m part of the Training Team, meaning my main responsibilities include organising courses for customers and creating the training materials and lesson plans. I’m part of a small team that works alongside media students from Darlington College who are making a training video for the induction programme in Darlington. The video is an important step in helping us make learning more effective for new starters, wherever they are in the company. It’s a great way to demonstrate just how complex our work is, and how everything we do has an effect on other areas.

What impact do you feel you’ve had since joining?
I’ve been able to apply my A level in ICT to many areas of my work – my team-mates have even asked me for support during a hectic roll-out of a new IT system. My A-levels in Maths and Statistics have been a big help when analysing data and using formulae. I’ve also developed a presentation to show our customers important information on what we manage using our systems – which is actually being used oversees.

My team trusts me to complete a task efficiently and effectively, and when we’re overloaded with work, they ask for my help to meet deadlines. The tasks I do may only be a small part of a large project but when all of those small parts come together, they can make a big impact!

What have you learned since starting your apprenticeship?
Since starting my apprenticeship at Atos, I have developed as a person in many ways. I used to be quite shy, but I’ve gained confidence in talking to colleagues and customers, and I’m not afraid to ask questions if I don’t understand what’s needed of me. I’ve also gained a much clearer understanding of how myself and others prioritise – everybody’s got a different idea about what needs doing first.

Most importantly, before I started my apprenticeship I wasn’t 100% sure on what career I should pursue – but this has given me the chance to discover what motivates me, and I’m now confident that I’m on the right career track for me!

Find out more about Business Administration and Customer Care.



From mid-March to the end of May, SQA will welcome applications from candidates for its 2016 Modern Apprentice positions.During this time, the organisation will hold an open event at its Lowden office near Dalkeith to pupils who are due to leave school this year.

Meanwhile a similar drive will continue in Glasgow; with SQA also attending the Glasgow Guarantee recruitment fair on 07 March.

As part of the recruitment activity, SQA has also produced a short film featuring current Modern Apprentices talking about what they enjoy most about working and training with SQA.

Sean Gartland was SQA’s first Modern Apprentice to have been offered a permanent position after completing his training.  Sean now works as a Customer Service Operator within SQA’s Business Development and Customer Service Team.

Sean said: “I was told about SQA’s Modern Apprenticeship scheme by my careers advisor at school.  I thought it sounded like an interesting opportunity, and when I was told that I would be able to study for an HNC at college and towards a SVQ while I was working, I knew it was something I wanted to do.”

Sean continued: “It’s been a really interesting couple of years.  I worked across a number of departments during my training, but now I’m back in the Customer Service Team, dealing with enquiries and helping our customers, which is the part of the job I really enjoy.”

For more information about Modern Apprenticeships at SQA and how to apply for them, visit

Scottish Apprenticeship Week runs from Monday 29 February to Friday 04 March. For more information, visit

Apprenticeships in Scotland, a leading Scottish independent youth vacancy handling service, to be showcased as a success story in China. 

The European Commission recently featured Apprenticeships in Scotland as a case study example of a successful project linked with apprenticeships in the European Union. The case study featured in their policy advice publication on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships entitled ‘Good for Youth, Good for Business’.

This publication focuses on the European Alliance for Apprenticeships launched in 2013 and addresses the challenges and possible answers of how to strengthen the quality, supply and image of apprenticeships across Europe. This is also in line with the new set of medium-term deliverables agreed at European level in the field of Vocation Education and Training for the period 2015-2020.

Following its release in July 2015, it has been announced that the publication will now be translated into Chinese to enable the Chinese Authorities to promote the European Alliance for Apprenticeships outside of Europe. This will significantly widen the reach of apprenticeships in the EU and indeed the success of Apprenticeships in Scotland.

Shannen Scott, Head of Operations at Apprenticeships in Scotland is central to the case study. It tracks her journey from college, to her apprenticeship in Business and Enterprise, to becoming head of the flourishing social enterprise.

Shannen was the first person in the UK to successfully complete an apprenticeship in Business and Enterprise and received her certificate at the European Parliament in Brussels in 2014. Since then, a further 20 young people in Fife have completed the qualification as part of Fife Council’s Culture of Enterprise initiative.

Speaking about the announcement, Shannen said:

“It is fantastic that Apprenticeships in Scotland has been featured in a European-wide policy publication. It highlights the work we do to support young people in Scotland and also the advancement in the youth labour market throughout Scotland in general.

“Apprenticeships in Scotland has gone from strength-to-strength since launching in 2009. Operating as a social enterprise, the website helps around 5000 young scots get their foot on the employment ladder each year.

“We support employers and training providers with bespoke recruitment campaigns as well as brand awareness for their apprenticeship schemes.”

To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2016, Apprenticeships in Scotland have launched a new service, the ‘APlayer’, sponsored by the Scottish Qualifications Authority and Royal Bank of Scotland. The APlayer is a video channel specifically dedicated to apprenticeship related video content, from all sectors.

The APlayer has launched with more than 50 apprenticeship related videos from a variety of employers and training providers across Scotland including SQA, RBS, QA, GSK, SSE, Sky, Deloitte and Superdrug. The purpose of the video channel is to provide young people with an easily accessible resource of information on the different apprenticeship opportunities there are throughout the country.

Commenting on being a main sponsor of the APlayer launch, Dr Janet Brown, SQA Chief Executive said:

“SQA is delighted to be supporting Apprenticeships in Scotland, particularly during Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Week. SQA is proud to be at the heart of the education and skills system in Scotland and is committed to play its part in supporting and encouraging young people through their journey from school into training, further and higher education or into employment.

“As a national employer, we are determined to ensure that young people across our local communities have the opportunity to reach their own individual goals, either through our qualifications or by coming to work with us as Modern Apprentices.”

To view the APlayer, please visit


Part 1 of 3

Scottish Apprenticeship Week – Celebrating 5 years!

This year we are celebrating 5 years of Scottish Apprenticeship Week, a week dedicated to raising awareness of apprenticeships within young people and employers.

The first Scottish Apprenticeship Week was launched by Skills Development Scotland on 5th-9th September in 2011 to highlight the real benefits a business can gain by recruiting apprentices. Apprenticeships in Scotland were excited about this and of course had to join in the activities. For many years we have been actively promoting apprenticeships to both young people and employers across Scotland, representing a youth voice for vocational training and as a result creating new apprenticeship opportunities.

To celebrate Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2016, Shannen Scott (Head of Apprenticeships in Scotland) will share a three-part blog series highlighting both hers and Apprenticeships in Scotland’s activities, as well as the significant milestones in the youth labour market since the launch of Scottish Apprenticeship Week in 2011.

Part one will highlight some key occasions during 2012, kicking off with Scottish Apprenticeship Week!

Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2012
I started my apprenticeship with Career Studio (Scotland) Ltd in May 2012 slap bang in the middle of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2012. I was employed as a Business Enterprise Apprentice, a role created as a result of a brand new social enterprise project called Apprenticeships in Scotland. Young people were employed to run and grow the company which launched in 2009.

Apprenticeships in Scotland had already established a name for itself when I joined the team. Just a few months prior to me beginning my career, Minister for Youth Employment Angela Constance visited our office to learn more about the work we were doing for Scottish young people. She had a big role to play in achieving the Scottish Government target of 25,000 MA starts.

My role became evidently more important as the year went on when I was provided the opportunity to represent an apprentice’s journey and speak with teachers and education providers at the Scottish Learning Festival. It was important to talk about the real benefits of young people completing a vocational qualification directly to the people helping them make their career choices throughout S1 – S6.

We not only talked the talk, but we walked the walk too! Thrown in at the deep end at the age of 19 I attended my first Youth Employment Conference, meeting professionals that had been in the business for over 20 years. I represented a youth voice for key policy issues surrounding apprenticeships at the conference; together with my colleagues, we were the only young people there.

The journey continued around Scotland and I was wheeled out to yet another event on my own! I hosted a networking table at the annual STF conference to present to Scottish Training Providers about how we could work together to help young people access high quality apprenticeships and also help employers navigate the tricky apprenticeship landscape. Later, we met with Chief Executive Colin Dalrymple to formalise a service offering for STF members.

Finally in 2012 we launched our own Apprenticeship in Enterprise scheme in partnership with Fife Council, a first for Scotland.

Next week in part-two I will speak about some key highlights from 2013 and 2014!


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Apprentice winner announces apprenticeship backing

Posted by | 22nd December 2015 | Across Scotland, Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

The winner of the BBC programme The Apprentice has thrown his support behind vocational training and announced that he plans to start his own apprenticeship scheme.

Joseph Valente, who started out as an apprentice himself before launching his own plumbing business in Peterborough, has called for a boost to on-the-job training to help disengaged young people.

After beating off 17 other contestants to win the show, the 26-year-old said he would now aim to do everything he could to support apprenticeships.

“Apprenticeships are going to be the backbone of this country, and off the back of this journey I’m going to make sure I go out and promote as much as possible how effective apprenticeships are,” he said.

Valente, who was expelled from school at 15 for being disruptive, said that he wanted to start a vocational training scheme to help people with backgrounds like his own.

He said: “I plan to start an apprenticeship programme within our business where we recruit employees from situations like from where I’ve come from.

Read more on CITB

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I found my Apprenticeship on Apprenticeships in Scotland

Posted by | 21st December 2015 | Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, Uncategorized

I was looking for work and helping my mum with her dog walking business whilst picking up the odd shift behind the bar of the local bowling club.

I googled “funding for apprenticeships” as I had been told to look for my own funding whilst the company were also looking for options. Apprenticeships in Scotland came up and I read through their FAQ section then decided to send them an email.

I think that their Youth Opportunity Advisers handled my case incredibly well and went over and above the line of duty in making sure that the explored each and every possibility.

The biggest help was giving me so many different people and organisations to get in contact with and talking to the team gave me the confidence to get in touch with them all. I previously had a small phobia of talking to people on the phone especially when it was asking questions and discussing things I have no clue about but, since dealing with Apprenticeships in Scotland I no longer have that fear and am now very confident on the phone. This has helped all aspects of my life as I didn’t like calling people I didn’t know even for the smallest thing.

I got there in the end and secured my apprenticeship but I honestly don’t think I would have managed it without the help of Apprenticeships in Scotland, they gave me the motivation to get of my chair and do something about my situation rather than just wait about and expect other people to do things or be given everything on a plate. Afterwards I felt a great amount of self-worth and self-belief that I had been searching for a long time for.

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Would you like an Apprenticeship this Christmas?

Posted by | 9th December 2015 | Across Scotland, Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, School leaver, Uncategorized

We have put together some useful information for those who are interested in leaving school this Christmas.

Can I leave school in December?
On it states that if you turn 16 between 1 October and the end of February you can leave at the start of the Christmas holidays in that school year.

Knowing what skills you have and what your strengths and weaknesses are will help you fill in your CV, cover letter and application forms. Read the top 10 skills employers look for within young people for some ideas by clicking here.

Job search
Begin your job search at; it is a great place to start (slightly bias!). Even if you don’t see anything suitable on this visit you can register to receive regular e-mail updates of new opportunities – we post new opportunities every day so why not follow us on Facebook and Twitter?

Note: We like to publish the best opportunities for young people in Scotland so we put together this short blog on how to spot fake apprenticeships. Read more here.

Have you found a job to apply for, but are struggling to sell yourself and put together a CV? Don’t worry! Our apprentices had the same difficulties when they were looking for jobs, that’s why they put together a template to help other young people secure an apprenticeship. You can download it here (page 1)

Cover Letters
Your cover letter is the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression. Let’s make this one count! You can download our cover letter template here (page 2)

Application forms
Application forms can be daunting whether you have to fill one out online or fill out a paper form. We’ve put together some helpful tips for you to make your application stand out!

Once you’ve secured that interview, you need to know how to prepare for it! Check out our 6 top tips to help you out by clicking here.

Have any questions? Feel free to email us or call on 01334 844 860.

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National Grid Advanced Apprenticeships Now Open!

Posted by | 2nd December 2015 | Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Apprentice, Apprenticeship News, Glasgow City, Uncategorized

National Grid’s job is to connect people to the energy they use, safely. We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society—delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future. National Grid holds a vital position at the centre of the energy system. We join everything up. We own and manage the grids that connect the energy sources to the people that use it. We’re the largest utility in the UK, running systems that deliver gas and electricity across the entire country, connecting people to the energy they use.

We all rely on having energy at our finger tips: our society is built on it. From the warmth and light we rely on at home, and the power which keeps our factories and offices going, to the mobile communications and other technologies that are essential parts of our modern lifestyle.

We’re investing around £30billion over the next 8 years to develop and renew the UK’s energy infrastructure, leading the way on renewable energy. There’s never been a more interesting and exciting time to join National Grid.

At National Grid we’re passionate about our “grow our own strategy” and our suite of GCSE to degree level career path development programmes. It’s little wonder that they are recognised for excellence and innovation – after all, we’ve been running some for well over 23 years – so they are some of the best you’ll find anywhere.

The Advanced Apprenticeship has a Beacon award recognised for excellence and innovation in further education training and is graded by Ofsted as outstanding in every category. We have eight different programmes to offer. This is a permanent position from day one provided you successfully complete the whole training. The starting salary is £15,490 p.a.

Advanced Apprenticeship in Pipeline Maintenance – Glasgow
Advanced Apprenticeship in Gas Operations – Aberdeen and St Fergus

An interviewer will form an opinion of you within 30 seconds of meeting you, so make every moment count!

Tips you might already know:
– Wear smart clothes
– Have clean, neat hair
– Turn up on time
– Make eye contact
– Give a confident handshake
– Sit/stand up straight
– Smile
– Be respectful at all times

Tips that are less obvious:

– Be friendly and show that you are keen to be there
– Listen to what the interviewer is saying to you
– Make sure you understand their questions and give full answers (not just yes or no)
– Ask them questions; finding common ground is a great way to show you will fit into the organisation
– Don’t use personal audio equipment
– Don’t take food and drink in with you
– Don’t chew gum
– Don’t use your mobile phone, make sure it is on silent
– No revealing clothes or short skirts
– No hoods
– No odd socks
– No trainers
– Don’t look bored/yawn
– Read the company magazine while waiting

During an interview, you have to help the employer to feel that you fit into their organisation. You can do this by building rapport with them. Rapport is a feeling of connection between two people, and you have three important tools to help you achieve this:

– Your words – only 7% is based on what you say
– The tone and speed of your voice – 38% is based on your voice
– Your body language – 55% is based on your body language