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10K in Tech – add your voice to the UK’s tech explosion

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Are you an employer, school or QA Apprentice? Together we can inspire 10,000 young people into futures in the UK’s brightest sector.

Introducing #10KinTech

#10KinTech is a QA campaign for UK employers, schools and apprentices. Our goal is to pave the way for as many young people as possible to start careers in the tech sector.

Over the last five years we’ve bucked recessions and a stalling economy to give 5,000 young people fantastic careers in great companies.

The tech sector is the UK economy’s success story – outstripping the UK’s GDP growth by 400% and combined with the government’s target to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020*, there is the opportunity to create many bright futures for Britain’s young people.

Tech is exploding, but can the UK keep up?

>> Employers are hiring more apprentices than ever.
>> Schools are seeing more demand for IT subjects than ever.

It’s true – more young people than ever are trying to get into tech. But too many are still unaware of all their options. Instead of looking at apprenticeships, they are guided down the same old routes that delay their tech career. Our campaign aims to give them a start that really works.

Why pledge your support?

Did you know an apprenticeship lets young people:

>> Start a tech career NOW
>> Progress from Level 3 apprenticeship to Degree level – all whilst on the job
>> Pay nothing, get paid a salary and start work in amazing tech companies
>> Gain relevant, industry-recognised accreditation
>> Avoid three years of university training with technology that might change tomorrow
>> Enter a prestigious, evergreen profession with exceptional prospects

What does it take to start 10,000 new careers?

With your help, we believe we can hit this ambitious target. That’s because:

>> QA Apprenticeships created 5,000 careers in its first five years – that’s more young people into tech and digital careers than anyone else
>> We offer the UK’s widest range of IT, tech and digital apprenticeships from GCSE to MSc
>> 92% of our employers say our apprenticeships add value to their business, and most come back for more
>> Our apprenticeship training was described as “world class” by Ofsted when they graded us as outstanding
>> We won Apprenticeship Programme of the Year three years in a row in 2012, 2013 and 2014 and were named Best Further and Vocational Provider by Education Investor in 2015
>> We have a dozen training centres in prime city centre locations all over the country

That’s what we’ve done in the past – but we need all your help to launch an amazing future for the UK’s young people.

Pledge Today

>> Employers: pledge to hire a QA Apprentice
>> Schools: pledge to refer candidates to QA
>> QA Apprentices: pledge to recommend your friends

Email your pledge video to

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