The Life Sciences and the Related Science Industries are high-tech, innovative and highly diverse, spanning pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology and has applications across many other sectors.

More information about the industry can be found on the Cogent website and the website of Life Sciences Scotland, which represents the life sciences community in Scotland, from industry and academia to healthcare and government.

Since we first started Scottish Apprenticeship Week in 2010 – it has really taken off with national skills agency ‘Skills Development Scotland’ taking it over and providing national leadership. There are a whole series of events in each local authority area. You can find out what Scottish Apprenticeship Week events are on in your area using the links below. But make sure you don’t miss out on what’s on elsewhere. Many of the best Apprenticeships in Scotland from some of the UK’s leading employers are not part of the Scottish Government’s Modern Apprenticeship Scheme. You’ll always find the best of the rest on Apprenticeships in Scotland. Sign up to Apprenticeships in Scotland.

What’s on where?

Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Aberdeen
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Aberdeenshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Angus
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Argyll and Bute
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Clackmannanshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Dumfries and Galloway
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Dundee
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Dunbartonshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Lothian
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in East Renfrewshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Edinburgh
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Falkirk
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Fife
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Glasgow
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Highland
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Inverclyde
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Midlothian
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Moray
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in North Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in North Lanarkshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Orkney
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Outer Hebrides

Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Perth & Kinross
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Renfrewshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Scottish Borders
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Shetland
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in South Ayrshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in South Lanarkshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in Stirling
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in West Dunbartonshire
Scottish Apprenticeships Week 2017 in West Lothian

Skills for Work Hospitality at National 4 (SCQF level 4) provides a broad, practical introduction to the hospitality professions.

The Course enables candidates to experience the professional kitchen and restaurant and to learn about the different roles and responsibilities in hospitality professions. It begins to develop vocational skills and knowledge.

All Units in the Course place emphasis on the employability skills and attitudes that will help to prepare candidates for the workplace. Candidates will have the opportunity to develop the skills involved in preparing, cooking, presenting and serving food and drinks. Candidates will also gain practical experience of working in a realistic working environment.

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This framework was developed at the request of employers in the Football and Rugby Industries in Scotland to meet the needs of the Clubs and young professional football and rugby players.

SVQ Level 3: Achieving Excellence in Sports Performance (Football and Rugby)

This Framework will be fully reviewed within six months.

A mandatory entry requirement for this Modern Apprenticeship is that the individual meets a definition of a “talented player”, using the Scottish Football Association and Scottish Rugby Union defined criteria as a quality standard.

This MA is available only to individuals that meet these requirements and who are within the Scottish Football Association/ Scottish Rugby Union membership and competition structures. This MA is not available to individuals who do not meet the requirements, or sit outside the SFA/ SRU structure.

More information about the industry can be found on the SkillsActive website.

Updated in October 2015 to add a reaccredited SVQ

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Skills Active

Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Sport and Leisure News

SkillsActive works across five key sectors: sport, fitness, outdoors, play work and caravans. As a sector skills council they work with key employers, set standards for relevant sector qualifications, approve training providers and provide information on the career options available. There are excellent career resources online including the new skills active careers site.


Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Scientific News

Cogent is the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Petroleum and Polymer Industries. They are licensed by Government to help employers in these science-using industries to address their workforce development needs so that they can compete successfully.

Cogent are working to attract young people into the Cogent Sector; helping to shape the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) curriculum and promoting careers

Go to Cogent’s website to find out more on the frameworks available in this sector.

People 1st is the sector skills council for hospitality, passenger transport* and travel and tourism in the UK.

This Framework is a replacement for the Transport Engineering and Maintenance MA Framework and has been updated with new industry qualifications and a new name for the Framework, to reflect the name of the new qualifications.

Framework Details

SVQ Level 3 in Bus and Coach Engineering and Maintenance

Update, August 2015

The IMI qualifications were extended to 30/06/2017. The EDI/Person qualifictaions were withdrawn when they lapsed on 31st July 2015.

* GoSkills, the sector skills council for passenger transport was merged with People 1st In July 2011.

More information about the industry can be found on the People 1st website.

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Auto City

Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Motor Transport News

By clicking here you will find all things automotive, from a comprehensive career portal to industry news and events, funding information and downloadable resources.

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Industrial Applications

Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Manufacturing News

Semta is the Sector Skills Council which covers the engineering and advanced manufacturing technologies sectors.

This framework was developed to support employers in manufacturing, industrial and production focussed sectors and provide a entry level route into these sectors.

Job roles include: technical operators, process operators, project planning assistants, CAD assistants, manufacturing operators, metal workers, maintenance operative assistants and basic machine operatives.

Framework details

Industrial Applications at SCQF Level 5

The frameowrk was updated in November 2015 to add new Business Improvement pathways.

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Supply Chain Management

Posted by | 25th January 2017 | Logistics News

The Logistics sector underpins every other sector within the Scottish economy; without Logistics it would be impossible for manufacturing companies to gain raw materials or export their products. Logistics activities include the planning, routing and movement of freight across all transport modes (road, rail, sea and air) as well as associated activities such as warehousing and storage.

Supply chain management is one of the areas covered by Skills for Logistics. A typical supply chain covers the whole production cycle; from extraction of raw materials to final distribution and waste disposal, with the various production stages and locations linked by transportation chains and distribution facilities.

Skills for Logistic recently revised the apprenticeships in Supply Chain Management, these replace the previous versions and are available from 01 February 2015.

Framework details

Please note that the Supply Chain Management pathways have been dropped from the Freight Logistics framework.

Typical occupations available on successful completion of the MA will be shop floor team leaders, stores team leaders, planning engineers, distribution staff, procurement staff, import/export staff and transport and distribution staff.

More information about the industry can be found on the Skills for Logistics website.