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Look at all you can do with IT and tech!

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Did you know … you can earn up to £1000 a month with a QA Apprenticeship in IT or tech!earn big

Tech is the fastest growing sector in the UK – in fact, it’s growing at four times the speed of the UK economy!

More young people than ever are considering getting into tech, but many are unaware of all their options.

Below are 8 great tech jobs you might not know about. You can search current vacancies here.

Jobs you can do with QA’s IT and tech apprenticeships

You could be a… You’d do stuff like… You could earn…
IT support technician Fixing company PCs,
wiring up new networks,
and helping your business run
Software developer Building and testing phone apps,
software, and digital products
and tools
Web designer Making company websites, emails
and apps look amazing
Digital marketer   Boosting profits with search
engines, web content and
social media
Database technician Managing and analysing data,
to find customers and
new intelligence
IT sales executive Showing people how to do great
things with IT, and sell the right
products to do it!
Systems analyst Making your business’ IT as safe,
stable and slick as possible

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